Website Design Plans

The Starter


Starter web design Durban Starter web design Durban
Website Design: Starter Plan:
Starter web design Durban
  • 5 pages of content;
  • Flexibility - add more pages later
  • Fast, minimal coding for blistering speed;
  • Handy Contact Panel;
  • Social Media integration;
  • Mobile ready;
  • Branded menu buttons
  • Free uploading and testing



Intermediate web design Durban Intermediate web design Durban
Starter +
Intermediate web design Durban
  • Header slider to display your business
  • Visitor contact form
  • This includes the Starter Plan plus header slider and contact form that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your website.

The Advanced


Advanced web design Durban Advanced web design Durban
Intermediate +
Advanced web design Durban
  • Content management system to maintain your own content.
  • Advanced slider functionality - captions, pause, links.

The Ultimate


Ultimate web design Durban Ultimate web design Durban
The Advanced +
Ultimate web design Durban
  • Ten pages of comprehensive content;
  • Useful right sidebar;
  • Two level menu for compact navigation

Website Usability

   Durban Web Design Website Design Philosophy

Two factors determine whether a website will be successful - high search position and 'usability'. The first without the second means that a website gets visitors, but poor usability means that they are unlikely to do business with you.

The second without the first means that although it is effective, it's invisible to thousands of potential customers.

SEO Consultants Alone are not the Answer

They are not involved with 'usability' and have no interest other than getting traffic to your website.

Most Websites are Task Oriented

Websites do not have visitors - they have customers who should be treated accordingly.

To convert customers to clients, websites must allow them to accomplish their tasks effortlessly and …

Nearly all websites fail. Traditional marketing favours 'engagement' but on the web, visitors need to get in, accomplish their task and get out in short order.

What Usability Studies Demonstrate

'Usability' focuses on the interaction between a website and its visitors and attempts to understand why visitors do what they do. It then seeks to remedy defects so that the website functions optimally. We have some books on usability here.

We pride ourselves on the performance of our websites and the part that our search optimization and usability expertise plays.

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